Thematic Investing Search Engine
Save time finding investments that target ideas, personal values or transformational megatrends. Turn your themes into an investable universe.
Our Thematic Investing Search Engine is COMING SOON
Generate Ideas.

Thematic investing can be challenging without a proper data infrastructure.

The AI-powered RGS Thematic Investing Search Engine helps investors start with an idea or trend and find publicly traded companies that are relevant to a target theme.

Cut Through the Noise.

A company's thematic relevance may not be obvious. Our standardized industry-level definitions of products and services overcome the challenge of non-standardized company disclosures.

Reduce your research-intensive efforts while our search engine takes you to the right data in seconds.

Make More Confident Decisions.

A structured and granular taxonomy, the RGS Product and Services Industry Classification System (PSICS) and Revenue Data Feed underpin the search engine.

PSICS covers over 1,500+ publicly listed companies, mapped to 350+ Product Categories that are mapped to traditional industries and sub-industries.