UN SDGs Impact Measurement

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present major business opportunities as companies produce products and services that can contribute to the SDGs - both positively and negatively. RGS RIFT helps quantify the potential impact and contribution of investments to all 17 SDGs and assess a company’s ESG performance and impacts across each of the SDGs. 

Analyze for Sustainable Development Contribution
  • Assess and understand how companies contribute positively or negatively to one or more of the SDGs
  • Benchmark companies to industry peers based on their contribution to SDGs
Improve Impact & Thematic Investing Strategies
  • Evaluate a company’s impacts across all SDGs to understand what is material and immaterial
  • Quantify SDG contribution in financial terms to align investments with the UN SDG requirements
Communicate via the common language of SDGs
  • Engage with stakeholders and communicate effectively via the common language of UN SDGs on how investments contribute to the priorities of society.
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