ESG Impact Raw Data Feed

Understand the factors that drive ESG performance through our ESG Impact Raw Data offering - a data feed containing a selection of quantitative raw data that underpin our monetized RIFT 360° Impact Assessments. Access our monetized impact assessments and drill down to transparent, reliable and unique ESG and Impact data that can be used in a variety of use cases from ESG and Impact Research, Quantitative Analysis, Portfolio Construction, Corporate Engagement to Client and Regulatory Reporting. 

Granular & Relevant

Integrate ESG Impact factors into every level of your investment decision-making process, improving the quality, relevancy, and comparability of the data you’re using with our ESG Impact Raw Data Feed.

Transparent & Reliable

Our Raw Data Feed uses multiple sources of underlying raw data which we collect from publicly available sources, company reports and trusted third parties. The full feed covers over 8K companies where we can also provide access to the underlyng sources themselves.

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