Products and Services Industry Classification System
The RGS Products and Services Industry Classification System (PSICS) provides a unique structured taxonomy offering precise classifications for the products and services of publicly listed companies and can be used in a variety of use cases such as thematic investing, index creation or integrating ESG Impact in the equity research process.
We have developed standardized industry-level definitions of products and services to overcome the challenge of non-standardized company disclosures. This allows for a more accurate multi-sectoral mapping of companies’ business segments compared to traditional classification methods that assign companies to a single structure.

The data underlying the taxonomy is collected solely from primary sources of information such as regulatory filings or investor reports.



Downstream product impacts with associated revenues

PSICS coupled with our Revenue Data Feed provides a standardized approach to analyzing a company's exposure to products and services, and their associated impacts over time.

Granular with 350+ unique product groups

Our taxonomy includes 350+ Product Categories mapped to traditional industries and sub-industries. PSICS with the Revenue Data Feed covers over 1,500 publicly listed companies, with historical data from 2015.

Scalable and integrable

PSICS can be used to directly map companies' material ESG impacts on society and the environment to their products and services. The PSICS taxonomy underpins our 360° Impact Assessments but is also available to license as a standalone product.

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