Portfolio Impact Assessment & Optimization
The RGS RIFT Portfolio Impact Assessment & Optimization Tool allows investors to assess the ESG performance and quantify the impacts of investments across portfolios. Built to provide a holistic impact view of investments to maximize the positive impact on the environment, on society and on financial returns.
See how you measure up on ESG and Impact

Portfolio analytics and visualization that saves you time and effort by giving a clear and granular view of the ESG performance of assets, and lets you dig deeper into issues that truly matter.

Easily compare companies & industries

Our analytics engine translates ESG Impact data into monetary values for easy comparison across companies, industries and different impact pillars thus allowing for seamless integration into financial modeling frameworks. 

Construct portfolios with unique ESG data

Use new social, environmental and product impact data to deliver outperformance. The 360-degree impact assessment is based only on concrete outcome metrics rather than inputs or intentions (e.g. policies) to avoid greenwashing. 

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