Simplify ESG. Quantify Impact.
Enabling investors to get a 360° view of the real impact of their portfolios
RGS RIFT - Real Impact in Financial Terms™
The next generation of ESG data and analytics.

RGS RIFT is the first impact intelligence platform built to simplify ESG for both private and public markets. We enable investors to not only understand ESG risks and opportunities but also quantify the holistic impact of their investments to maximize positive impact on the environment, on society and on financial returns.

What is RGS RIFT™?
Uncover blindspots of ESG with revolutionary new data on product and services impact. RIFT is the first to reveal product impact to show a complete 360° company assessment.
Outcome driven
Focus on concrete outcome metrics rather than inputs or intentions to avoid greenwashing. Measure and monetize companies’ direct environmental and social impacts instead of just assessing their policies.
Translate ESG data into monetary values for easy comparison across industries and impact dimensions and actionable insights for decision-making.
Easily accessible, cost-effective, self-service SaaS solution. Eliminate acquisition costs and advance impact data insights and analytics to manage ESG due diligence, ESG performance monitoring and regulatory reporting.
Aligned with the Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI) of Harvard Business School.
Quantify. Monitor. Report.
RGS RIFT helps you transform valuable data into actionable insights.
Quantify Impacts
  • Quantify the environmental and social impacts of your investments through their operations, products and services

  • Identify material risks and opportunities

  • Benchmark company performance to competitors
Monitor Performance
  • Project future impact and set impact targets

  • Inform engagement conversations with industry insights and best practice case studies
Report Progress
  • Communicate portfolio impacts to investors and clients

  • Report the company's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
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  • Investment decision-making (due diligence/research)
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Client reporting/fundraising
  • Portfolio company monitoring and engagement